Kitchen Trends Spotted at KBIS 2024 – COLOR, COLOR, COLOR!

The last week of February was the Kitchen & Bath Industry Show in Las Vegas. Combined with the International Builders Show (IBS) the two attracted over 117K attendees and more than 2400 exhibitors. The annual KBIS event is where professionals within the industry go to learn about the latest trends in kitchen and bath design and preview new products from all the leading industry manufacturers.

One of the biggest trends observed for the kitchen was the use of color. No more plain white or grey stainless steel, but colors! Vibrant brights and pastel tones were seen everywhere! Yellows, reds, greens, chartreuse, and orange. In cabinets, appliances, and countertops.

So, what is driving these splashes of color? Experts are seeing a cultural shift from a need for group acceptance and security to one of prioritizing the needs of the individual and self-expression. A shift from wanting timeless to one that is reflective of current trends and may change quickly. The other is the layering of the recent modern trends with classic styles for what is being referred to as Newstolgia.

Several different sources indicate green is the new king, replacing blue. Whether in shades of teal, neon or jade, it is now a staple rather than a fad. Green, in any shade or tone, is tactile, comforting, and calming, radiating a sense of tranquility. Kohler has added to its Heritage Colors collection with three nature-inspired greens that infuse historic shades into modern-day designs. The new shades of green range from bright and fresh-as-the garden to one that is softer, more silvery-green to a rich vivid teal with a deep blue luster.

Is this surge of color new or just more emphasis on something that has always been there, just not in the spotlight? Time will tell how this filters down to the masses and what resonates with homeowners in the next year or in your neighborhood!