Yorktowne Cabinetry Expands Accessory Offering


When items are just out of reach, is the fix nowhere to be found? With the new Base Cabinet with Pull-Out Stepstool, simply open a door and a welcome boost is close at hand. Adding this to any base cabinet 15” or wider makes things stored in higher-up wall cabinets easier to retrieve. Includes the step stool, panel with routed finger pull, hanging bracket, specialty side mount Quiet Close guides and installation hardware. Adding a single tray divider is suggested to separate step stool from the rest of the cabinet, but is not required.

Fully equipped kitchen featuring a refrigerator, sink, and convenient pull-out step stool.


Cleaning has never been easier. Kitchen supplies, trash bags, dish towels, and more are all available in one simple move provided by a single slide drawer. Drawer box is 10 ½” high in the front and scoops down to 3 ½” in the back. Pull-out drawer has a removable grey polystyrene mat to prevent water damage and operates on Heavy Duty Quiet Close guides. Unique dimples in floor mat can collect up to 1 gallon of water per 6 square feet (typical 36”W sink base). Plumbing should be plumbed a minimum of 10” above finished floor through back wall, not the floor. Not recommended to as a Peninsula sink base, depth modification or to add any other installed door or interior accessory. Minimum width available is 30 ¼”, maximum width of 36”.  Includes stainless steel tilt-out tray, sink mat and pull-out door attached to drawer box. There are some door style limitations, so work with your Moehl Millwork Kitchen Designer for availability.

Sink base drawer: A brown drawer with silver handles, located beneath a sink. It provides storage space for cleaning supplies and other items.


Need more counter space? Do you not want to have any clutter on your countertop? Conveniently stow unsightly paper towels on this recessed spool for easy access and better views. Add this base cabinet with pull0out storage and paper towel holder to your kitchen. Pull-out shelves are open to both sides. Bottom shelf is fixed with the middle shelf being adjustable; both have metal side rails. The removable top tray sits on a fixed shelf base and features a wooden dowel for holding the paper towel and an additional storage area. Storage area has a removable lid with circular cut-out, ideal for bag storage. The hardwood and plywood constructed pull-out shelves are attached to the back of the door and operate with Quiet Close guides. Available 12” wide only, other dimensional modifications are not available.

Kitchen with sink, counter, and cabinet. Features a pull-out paper towel holder drawer.


Accomplish multiple tasks and minimize the mess in a smaller kitchen zone. The Trash Bin with Integrated Chopping Block maximizes efficiency to save the chef precious prep time.  Self-supporting chopping block pulls out of top-drawer location and operates with Quiet Close guides. There is a locking mechanism feature to prevent the drawer from being closed while chopping block is being used and metal pegs to hold in chopping block in place. Chopping block includes a circular cut-out to allow waste to be disposed of directly into waste basket below and has a groove routed on outside edges to collect liquid and prevent from dripping to the floor. The Chopping block is reversible so circular cutout can be in the front or back of cabinet. Chopping blocks are constructed of wood and is removable, replacement plastic chopping block are available and may be stored on top of wood chopping block.

An image of a kitchen showcasing a sink, a drawer with a trash can, and practical integrated chopping block.

The waste containment system is attached to door and available with the standard guide system or the touch-to-open system, both of which operate on Heavy Duty Quiet Close guides. Touch to open system includes spring driven drawer mechanism which allows the pull-out to be opened with just a touch of the hand, hip, knee, or foot without the need for electricity. Width, depth, peninsula, and a few other modifications are not available when this accessory is added to the base cabinet. Available 18” wide only, with 2 wastebaskets.